Reef's twenty-five year heritage traces back to two brothers from Argentina, Fernando and Santiago "Santi" Aguerre. Fueled by their passion for surfing, and armed with a unique entrepreneurial spirit, the brothers acted on an idea to create a high quality, comfortable, active lifestyle sandal.

Now some decades later, the company is thriving as one of the leading surf brands in the world offering footwear for guys, girls and kids. Reef has evolved from its humble sandal beginnings to now include a men's apparel division, followed by the launch of girl's swimwear and apparel. Through all the change over the past twenty-five years, Reef is driven by the same constant - "we are surfers at heart, drawing influences from the world around us". Reef is a core surf company, which creates authentic and innovative products intended to nurture an incredibly fortunate lifestyle that involves surf, sensuality and a life filled with happiness.